Lab Alumni


Philip Lai

Philip Fahn-Lai

Graduate Student 2015-2021

Phil studies the tapestry of muscle and bone that makes up the shoulder, and how its structure and function evolved along the branch of the vertebrate tree of life that led to modern-day mammals. Their work combines CT imaging, high-speed X-ray videography, machine learning, and old-fashioned probe and scalpel dissection to produce new insights into the inner workings of ancient anatomical structures. 


Kari Taylor-Burt

Graduate Student 2013-2020


Kari's interests focus on how environmental demands influence the biomechanics of animal movement, musculoskeletal structure, and physiology.



Brianna McHorse

 Brianna McHorse

Graduate Student 2013-2019

Research Interests: terrestrial locomotion, functional morphology, evolutionary biomechanics, paleobiology, musculoskeletal modeling, equid evolution.

Allison Arnold

Allison Arnold-Rife

Research Associate

Research Interests: musculoskeletal modeling and simulation of human and animal movement; experimental validation of muscle models; applications of models in comparative biomechanics,
pediatric orthopedics, rehabilitation, and sports


Chris Tijs

NIH Post-doc 2015-2017

Research Interests: biomechanics, muscle and tendon mechanics, connective tissue, myofascial force transmission




Partha Bhagavatula

ONR Post-doc 2014-2016

Research Interests: avian vision, flight control in birds, animal navigation and GSNS (Global Satellite Navigation system) tools for animal tracking.




Glenna Clifton

Graduate Student 2000-2017, PhD

Research Interests: underwater force production, predator-prey interactions of diving birds, running on water by Western and Clark's grebes, swing limb muscle control.




Jenn Carr

Preceptor and Instructor, 2009-2016

Research interests: terrestrial locomotion, muscle morphology, evolutionary morphology, muscle function during terrestrial locomotion


Talia Y. Moore

Graduate Student 2000-2016, PhD

Research interests: jerboas, kangaroo rats, hopping mice, bipedal desert rodents, terrestrial locomotion and associated morphological adaptations, granular substrates, phylogenetic methods, inertial steering




Carolyn Eng
PhD Student 2008-2014, NIH Post-doc 2014-15

Research Interests: muscle architecture and biomechanics of movement, musculoskeletal modeling, myofascial and myotendinous biomechanics.


Currently: NRSA Post-doc, Brown University






Ivo Ros
PhD Student, 2008-2013, PhD; ONR Post-doctoral fellow 2014-15

Research Interests: aerodynamics and visual control of maneuvering and turning flight in birds and flies.


Currently: Post-doc, Cal. Tech.







C. David Williams, PhD
NSF Post-doctoral Fellow 2012-14

Research Interests: molecular analysis of sarcomere force-length behavior, flight stability and maneuvering in birds, and currently BIG data science.


Currently: WRF/Moore Sloan Postdoctoral Fellow, Univ. of Washington




Natalie Holt, PhD
NIH Post-doctoral Researcher, 2011 - 2013
Research Interests: comparative muscle physiology, energetics and biomechanics of animal locomotion

Currently: Post-doc, UC, Irvine



Maria de Boef Miara, PhD
2007 - 2012
NIH Post-doctoral fellow

Research Interests: terrestrial locomotion, musculoskeletal morphology, muscle physiology, bone microstructure, evolution and development.

Currently: Lecturer, Brandeis University




Huai-Ti Lin, PhD
ONR Postdoctoral Researcher, 2011 - 2011

Research Interests: pigeon flight and navigation through cluttered environments; soft-bodied robotics; biorobotics, predator-prey pursuit in dragonflies.

Currently: Research Associate, Leonardo Lab, Janelia Farms, HHMI



Carlos Moreno
PhD Student, 2004 - 2010, PhD

Research Interests: skeletal biomechanics and biomechanics of goat turning during steady locomotion.

Currently: Technical Analyst, Daedalus Software. Co-owner, MorenoTango


Angie  Berg Robertson
PhD Student, 2004 - 2010, PhD

Research Interests: avian flight biomechanics and aerodynamics.

Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Houston


Chris Richards
Graduate Student, 2003 - 2009, PhD

Research Interests: biorobotics, modeling and experimental muscle biomechanics and locomotor performance in swimming frogs

Jr. Fellow, Rowland Institute, Harvard University

Currently: Research Fellow in Paleorobotics, Royal Veterinary College, UK


Edwin Yoo
Graduate Student: 2006-2009

Research: climbing mechanics in goats, horn impacts during head butting


M.A. (Harvard, OEB)

High School Science Teacher


David Lentink, PhD
NSF Postdoctoral Researcher, 2009-2010

Research Interests: aerodynamics of bird flight; wing morphing linked to maneuvering in swifts; stability during avian flight maneuvering.

Currently: Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University


Timothy E. Higham, PhD
NIH Postdoctoral Researcher, 2006-2008

Research Interests: vertebrate locomotion and feeding, muscle biomechanics, functional morphology

Currently: Associate Professor of Biology, UC Riverside


Andrew Carroll, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher
Research: vertebrate locomotion and feeding, muscle physiology, functional morphology

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology, Evansville College



David Lee, PhD
DARPA Postdoctoral Researcher, 2003-2006

Research Interests: comparative biomechanics of terrestrial locomotion; XROMM and biorobotics.

Currently: Associate Professor, School of Life Sciences, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


M. Polly McGuigan, PhD.
Postdoctoral Researcher, 2003-2005

Research Interests: muscle-tendon mechanics, muscle modulation with varying locomotor tasks; aging effects on muscle and locomotor function

Currently: Lecturer, Applied Biomechanics, Department for Health, University of Bath, UK


Monica A. Daley
Graduate Student, 2000-2006, PhD

Research Interests: neuromuscular control of locomotion, perturbation recovery, locomotor biomechanics and energetics, biorobotics.

Currently: Senior Lecturer, Structure and Motion Laboratory, Royal Veterinary College, UK


Russell P. Main
Graduate Student, 2000-2006, PhD

Research Interests: skeletal biomechanics, bone remodeling, bone microstructure and geometry, in vivo patterns of bone strain.

Currently: Assistant Professor, Basic Medical Sciences (Veterinary Medicine) & Weldon School of Engineering, Purdue University


Craig P. McGowan
Graduate Student, 2000-2006, PhD

Research Interests: comparative biomechanics, neuromuscular control of locomotion, musculoskeletal modeling and evolution.

Currently:  Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Idaho & WWAMI Medical Education


Ty Hedrick
Graduate Student, 1999-2004, PhD

Research Interests: aerodynamics and control of flight, neuromuscular function, flight stability and maneuvering; 3D kinematics of flight.

Currently: Associate Professor of Biology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Jim Usherwood, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher, 2002-2004

Research Interests: comparative biomechanics of terrestrial and aerial locomotion; remote monitoring of flight performance in birds.

Currently: Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow and Reader, Structure and Motion Laboratory, Royal Veterinary College, UK


Anna Ahn, PhD
NIH Postdoctoral Researcher, 200- 2003

Research Interests: neuromuscular control and biomechanics of locomotion, muscle mechanics.

Currently: Associate Professor of Biology, Harvey Mudd College

Gary B. Gillis, PhD
NRSA NIH Postdoctoral Researcher, 1998- 2002

Research Interests: biomechanics, neuromuscular control of locomotion; evolution of vertebrate musculoskeletal systems

Currently: Professor of Biology, Mount Holyoke College


Barbekka Hurtt, PhD
NIH Postdoctoral Researcher

Research: muscle function and energetics of execise


Bret W. Tobalske, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher, 1998- 1999

Research Interests: aerodynamics of bird flight, flight ecology and neuromuscular physiology linked to flight performance.

Currently:Associate Professor of Biology, Director Field Research Station, University of Montana



Peter G. Weyand, PhD
Research Associate 1995-1998

Research Interests: exercise physiology, human locomotion

Currently: Associate Professor of Applied Physiology and Wellness, Southern Methodist University


Past Doctoral Students (Univ. of Chicago, Organismal Biology & Anatomy)

Carolyn Jaslow, PhD 1987 (Professor, Rhodes College)

Sharon Swartz, PhD 1988  (Professor, Brown University)

John Bertram, PhD 1988 (Professor, Univ. of Calgary)

Larry Frolich, PhD 1991

Matthew Carrano, PhD 1998 (Curator, Smithsonian HMNH) (joint w/ J Hopson) 

Rick Blob, PhD 1998 (Professor, Clemson University) (joint w/ J Hopson) 

Nora Espinoza, 2000 (Adjunct Assoc. Professor, Clemson University)